Tame Impala – Patience

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photo credits to Apple Music

If you know me at all you know Tame Impala is my favorite band (they’re tied with Zoé, but still #1). And they’ve FINALLY released some new music. I think I’m more excited about this than I was about Vampire Weekend’s new stuff, and that’s really saying a lot. Kevin Parker posted a little teaser to his Instagram account, panning around what looked like a recording studio with some pretty cool music playing. He didn’t post any sort of release date for the track, so I found out about the song when I was browsing Reddit one night and people were posting about it in the TI subreddit. I was super tired, was about to climb into bed and – “OH MY GOD ZEKE TAME IMPALA FINALLY RELEASED A NEW SONG!”

I literally yelled from the bathroom. Zeke was already half asleep laying in bed, but he made as enthusiastic of a noise as he could. I was blasting the song in the bathroom on the bluetooth speaker as I did my skincare routine and brushed my teeth. I listened to this song probably ten times that first night. It’s just so damn good!

They’ve also released another track that they performed on SNL, titled Borderline. It’s not as percussive as the first track and it sounds (in my opinion) true to the sound of their previous albums. It does have some super groovy jazz flute thrown in which I think is awesome. It’s just enough to not be corny.

Patience is my favorite of the two tracks, but I’ll have to make do with these two songs until they release the full album and I can pick that whole thing apart. Patience starts out with piano, and he opens up with the lyrics “Has it really been that long?” Very funny, Kevin. It has been that long. Too long. But I digress.

They would ask me all the time / Every time the show’s up / “So what you doin’ with your life?” / It ain’t givin’ up / Just growin’ up in stages / Livin’ life in phases

These lyrics are so simple. All of Tame Impala’s lyrics usually are, but they build their soundscapes around the words so perfectly that you just get it. He says in the bridge “Time takes from everyone” which is another lyric that hits my soul just right. The song sounds like Kevin is reminding himself – as well as his fans – that his life and thus his music are just going through phases. I remember reading a quote from an interview with him regarding the direction his music is going, and he talked about the fact that he won’t always be making psychedelic rock/pop. He said he and his fans would all get bored with that, and that’s not what he wants. For now, though, their stuff is still pretty groovy.

The song also speaks to me in the way of growing up in stages and living life in phases. I’ve been going through a lot of personal change lately, especially over the last year or so, and I’ve been struggling to accept it. But it’s part of life. I won’t be the same person a year from now, and my life will probably be entirely different. I’m not going to be a struggling college student forever. I love the idea of embracing change and going with the flow. And I look forward to it.

As always, thank you so much for reading. Please feel free to drop music suggestions in the comments!


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